The Responsibility Of Marketers

Facebook’s response to Covid-19 for small businesses was nothing short of amazing. Given such a large proportion of its advertisers are SMB’s, opening up a fund to ensure these businesses were still able to target customers handed many a lifeline when they needed it most. How it did it, coming up. Now, over to Kimberlee Wells, CEO at TBWA Melbourne & Adelaide to introduce Mark D’Arcy, Facebook’s VP Global Business Marketing and Chief Creative Officer.

Why Machine Learning Can Help Cure Blindness But Not Bad Creative

We’re at the dawn of machine-enabled everything. At the moment machines are very good at answering the questions machines can answer, but how can we make them good at answering the questions humans answer? For machines, understanding the complexity of human emotion that amounts from watching, or reading a piece of advertising creative is just at the beginning. Noel Paasch explained how Google is looking to solve the problem.

Jason Xenopoulos, Brands Are the New Culture Creators

Interruption marketing has reached its sell-by-date, leaving many brands scrambling for relevance. To survive in a post-advertising era, brands have become our modern-day Medicis. They are our entertainers, storytellers, creators and curators – connecting through culture rather than interrupting it. Jason Xenopoulos, VMLY&R’s North America Chief Creative Officer and New York CEO explored why culture has become our new media, and how brands can harness the power to spread like memes within it.

Matthew McCarthy, CEO, Ben & Jerry’s

Ben and Jerry’s calls itself an aspiring social justice company. Something it has leaned into since founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield started churning ice cream in 1978. CEO Matthew McCarthy will explain what that means, and how the company has evolved from philanthropy and community involvement to business activism.

Serena Williams, Investor and 23 Time Grand Slam Winner

Serena Williams’s 23rd grand slam at the Australian Open in 2017 put her in rarefied company not just in the history of women’s tennis, but in all sport – she is quite possibly the greatest athlete in a generation, perhaps the greatest in any sport. She talked about it all, from the stage, alongside Verizon Media chief executive, Guru Gowrappan.