How to Streamline Video Production Without Sacrificing Scale

With demand for video at an all time high, how can advertisers strike the right balance between hitting their goals without overwhelming their bandwidth-strapped marketing teams? By getting efficient with video production. Learn all of this and more in this episode, recorded earlier this year with our partners at QuickFrame as part of our AWAdvance webinar series.

The Creator Connection: The Evolution of Brand Building

As the creator economy continues to evolve, the way brands partner with them is developing in exciting ways too. In this special creator-focused panel from Advertising Week New York 2022, three powerhouse creators discuss with Meta how they build community in the social sphere, how brands can work with creators to navigate cultural shifts, and how to utilize creators to break through a cluttered marketplace and drive real impact.

SXM Media & Tinx: The Power of Authentic Connections

Authenticity is the key to great content — and you can’t get more authentic than Tinx. What started with a TikTok account that kicked off mid-pandemic is now It’s Me, Tinx, an SXM Media podcast and weekly SiriusXM radio show. In between, Tinx racked up a massive social following with 1.5M million TikTok followers and 493,000 Instagram followers, and now she’s poised to take over the audio charts.

In this session, recorded at Advertising Week New York 2022, Tinx speaks about how she won over millions with her authentic content and how she interweaves brand support.

The Iconic Everyman: A Conversation with Kenan Thompson

This week on Uncommon Thinking, we feature an amazing conversation, recorded last week at Advertising Week New York 2022. Join SNL veteran Kenan Thompson as he discusses the key to the longevity of his three decades plus career and how it has shaped his experience as a brand partner within the everchanging world of celebrity marketing.

Youth Wellbeing: Prioritizing the Teen Experience in Today’s Products and Technologies – Part 2

In part two of this two-part series, Meta’s Head of Youth Wellbeing Vaishnavi J is joined by Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble of the AAKOMA Project for an important discussion around how brands can utilize strong partnerships to create a positive experience for youth online. The episode dives into the unique opportunities for young people growing up surrounded by technology, how brands can empower them, the role that brands play in supporting youth wellbeing, and the greater impact this work has on society as a whole.

End of Season 3

This concludes season 3 of Uncommon Thinking, recorded live from the stages of Advertising Week’s global events. Thank you for listening and subscribing. Uncommon Thinking will return with all new content for season 4, with our first episode dropping on Friday, October 28th, 2022. Stay subscribed and you’ll be among the first to receive new episodes as they become available.

Debate – This House Believes the UK Is Losing Its Cultural Influence

The UK is known for its creative industries and cultural influence around the world in areas such as music, comedy, television and news.

Is the UK really still a cultural powerhouse? The country has long used its soft power to gain influence for Brand UK abroad, but does this still stand? Advertising Week Europe 2022 brought parties to the stage to delve into this issue which brings media, politics and economy together.

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Why Self-Promotion Isn’t a Dirty Word

Do you dread the thought of self-promotion? Worry about what people say or how to celebrate yourself publicly without cringing? Join founder, public speaker, and author Stef Sword-Williams, as she guides you through actionable ways to start self-promoting in a way that feels authentic to you, in this presentation from Advertising Week Europe 2022. Self-promotion shouldn’t be something you avoid in your career, and the sooner you get on board with it, the quicker you’ll see personal results.

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Changing the Game – Why Authenticity is Key to Being the Best Athlete and Brand

In this episode of Uncommon Thinking from AWAPAC 2022, join us as we speak to Adelaide United midfielder Josh Cavallo about his decision to live openly and authentically as a gay man in a sport that traditionally left LGBTQIA+ players not feeling very welcome.

During the session, Josh will candidly share his story of self-discovery and acceptance, his passion for empowering players to be authentic on and off the field, his priority to work with brands that embrace inclusivity and more.

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