End of Season 3

This concludes season 3 of Uncommon Thinking, recorded live from the stages of Advertising Week’s global events. Thank you for listening and subscribing. Uncommon Thinking will return with all new content for season 4, with our first episode dropping on Friday, October 28th, 2022. Stay subscribed and you’ll be among the first to receive new episodes as they become available.

Debate – This House Believes the UK Is Losing Its Cultural Influence

The UK is known for its creative industries and cultural influence around the world in areas such as music, comedy, television and news.

Is the UK really still a cultural powerhouse? The country has long used its soft power to gain influence for Brand UK abroad, but does this still stand? Advertising Week Europe 2022 brought parties to the stage to delve into this issue which brings media, politics and economy together.

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Why Self-Promotion Isn’t a Dirty Word

Do you dread the thought of self-promotion? Worry about what people say or how to celebrate yourself publicly without cringing? Join founder, public speaker, and author Stef Sword-Williams, as she guides you through actionable ways to start self-promoting in a way that feels authentic to you, in this presentation from Advertising Week Europe 2022. Self-promotion shouldn’t be something you avoid in your career, and the sooner you get on board with it, the quicker you’ll see personal results.

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Changing the Game – Why Authenticity is Key to Being the Best Athlete and Brand

In this episode of Uncommon Thinking from AWAPAC 2022, join us as we speak to Adelaide United midfielder Josh Cavallo about his decision to live openly and authentically as a gay man in a sport that traditionally left LGBTQIA+ players not feeling very welcome.

During the session, Josh will candidly share his story of self-discovery and acceptance, his passion for empowering players to be authentic on and off the field, his priority to work with brands that embrace inclusivity and more.

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The Inclusion Revolution: Business at the Intersection of Culture + Commerce

In this session from Advertising Week New York, marketer, storyteller, and Laugh Out Loud President + COO Thai Randolph is joined by Uniworld Group Chair + COO Monique Nelson for a conversation about the growing economic evolution that is young, bright and…in Color.

Thai and Monique dive into the changing face of “multicultural marketing, and discuss the need for companies to embrace a diverse by design strategy and create future-facing organizations and authentic brands that move at the speed of culture.

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Friction Fatigue – How Earned Marketing Beats Consumer Ad Exhaustion

Ad-wary consumers and cash-strapped media companies have driven the advertising industry in a new direction. From Red Bull’s famous Stratos event to Michael Bloomberg’s failed Presidential bid, Friction Fatigue weaves a story about consumers demanding a new relationship with advertisers, and how marketers can meet their expectations of an Earned-led approach to drive brand growth. Based on the best-selling book, this presentation from Advertising Week New York 2021 features unique insights on how Earned Marketing can reignite brand love.

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What Got Us Here Won’t Get Us to the Future: Moving Towards an Opt-In Internet

The world of digital advertising has been predominantly controlled by a few large tech companies, limiting transparency and competition. However, the internet is a lot bigger than these few destinations.

As the shifting identity landscape moves the advertising industry toward a consent-based, opt-in environment, there is a growing demand for independent, transparent and privacy-centric solutions that allow for unified targeting and measurement.

In this episode of Uncommon Thinking, recorded at Advertising Week APAC 2022, join industry leaders as they discuss what these changes mean and the new approaches to identity that are laying the groundwork for an upgraded, opt-in internet.


  • 00:30 – 14:26 – What is the future of the opt in internet?
  • 14:26 – 23:42 – The future of the data driven marketing industry
  • 23:42 – 25:45 – Contributing to the walled garden ecosystem
  • 25:45 – 30:49 – What do you hope the media industry will have achieved in the next 12 months?
  • 30:49 – 31:55 – What changes are you making to your business to respond to what’s happening in the sector?

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Evolving Your Voice in Music

American Express have had a long legacy in music culture. With their multi-year Music Backers program, they expressed the Powerful Backing of their brand ethos to support the music industry at a time they needed it most. Now in a post-COVID world, they have re-imagined their voice for a changing cultural landscape.

In this episode, from Advertising Week APAC 2022, we look at how the brand has grown their Cultural Capital through meaningful partnerships with artists and unpack their recent collaborations.


  • 00:30 – 02:11 – How American Express is evolving their voice in the music industry
  • 02:12 – 14:29 – What it means to have a voice in music
  • 14:29 – 18:33 – How American Express’s Music Backers program evolved over the last two years
  • 18:33 – 28:42 – How important is it for artists to have financial aid?
  • 28:42 – 30:27 – How did they help bring back live music in Sydney?
  • 30:29 – 33:23 – What it was like collaborating with American Express
  • 33:24 – 34:53 – Marketing, strategy, and gig

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Finding Your Place in the World’s Biggest Creative Playground

There’s been a seismic shift in how consumers engage with entertainment and expectations of creativity in the media, and creativity remains the key competitive advantage for advertising effectiveness. As the world’s fastest-growing creative playground, TikTok is empowering everyone to find creativity in the smallest of moments.

In this session, from Advertising Week APAC 2022, we explore the impact of democratised creativity on the world of advertising and wider creative industries.


  • 00:48 – 03:19 – The impact of democratised creativity on the world of advertising
  • 05:27 – 11:20 – What is the main difference between being a creator on Tik Tok versus other platforms?
  • 11:20 – 16:42 – The power of sound
  • 16:42 – 23:39 – How has Tik Tok changed the way they plan from a planning perspective?
  • 23:40 – 26:47 – How is TikTok helping brands measure success?
  • 26:47 – 32:45 – Inspirational, innovative creator led campaigns

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The New Age of Experience: New Technologies, The Metaverse and Shaping Virtual Worlds

New technologies are changing the experiential landscape at a lightning pace and the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of virtual events, augmented reality, and immersive digital experiences.

In this panel from Advertising Week Europe 2022, join executives from Hearst and Epic Games for a conversation about the next steps in experiential storytelling.


  • 00:30 – 06:45 – The Metaverse – The next phase of immersive digital storytelling
  • 06:45 – 11:01 – What does the metaverse mean to different audiences?
  • 11:01 – 13:09 – The evolution of Cosmo and embracing technology, different platforms
  • 13:10 – 15:15 – What platforms will Cosmo be launching next year?
  • 15:15 – 17:28 – How has Hearst changed its approach to events?
  • 17:28 – 21:35 – How the pandemic has rewired our expectations for events
  • 21:36 – 24:12 – Exclusivity in the metaverse
  • 24:13 – 27:02 – What audiences want in the metaverse
  • 27:02 – 29:13 – How people will be likely to spend in the virtual world

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