Trends and Predictions for 2023 with Industry Legends Bonin Bough and Chaucer Barnes

In this episode of Uncommon Thinking, from Advertising Week Africa 2023, we join Bonin Bough and Chaucer Barnes to learn about the latest innovations and cultural moments set to transform advertising.

They’ll share the most pressing issues facing the industry today, the trends we should all be paying attention to and provide their predictions for 2023.

Make Your CTV Ads Go Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

In this episode, originally from our AWAdvance digital content series, join Tim Edmundson, Director of Content Marketing & Research at MNTN, as he shares the data behind achieving CTV success. From learning how it fuels inter-campaign synergy, to seeing how teams easily slot it into their existing strategies, you’ll learn how other marketers are using CTV to produce big results, drive high returns on ad spend—and give you the proof to quantify your advertising wins.

The Global Creative Economy + African Diaspora Youth: Building the Future We Want to Live In

In this session from Advertising Week Africa, you’ll hear some of the leading minds in creativity, innovation and the next wave of digital monetization as they address the intersection of culture, creativity and community. How do community-driven technologies spawn new creative business models? What does the future hold for creators? And will these technologies live up to the hype?

A Positive Transformation Is Happening in Media (and No, It’s Not the Metaverse)

In this episode, recorded at Advertising Week LATAM 2022, R/GA’s Global Head of Media and Connections, Ellie Bamford speaks to three positive shifts happening in media right now, and every company’s power and responsibility to act on these changes.

What 30,000 Consumers and 20 Experts Tell Us About the Next Decade

Speaking with 30,000 consumers, world-renowned futurists, academics, authors and experts, we charted the long-term consumer trends shaping the decade.

In this episode, recorded at Advertising Week LATAM last fall, you’ll see how transformation we’ve seen so far in the 2020s is merely the springboard for an even faster-paced tomorrow – learn how brands are expected to invent the future instead of playing catch up with it.

Talking Podcasts – Emily Ratajkowski’s New Era in Audio

In this episode, recorded at Advertising Week New York last fall, we join the multifaceted Emily Ratajkowski to hear more about how she’s tackling her latest venture: a candid, provocative and timely podcast with Sony Music. Ahead of the show’s November premiere, the team behind the podcast discussed how it all came together and why is podcasting was the superstar’s next move.

Culture and Community Drives Commerce

Thank you for listening to Uncommon Thinking. In this final episode for the year, featuring our most popular session from Advertising Week New York 2022, you’ll learn from Target, VICE and renowned actress Tabitha Brown on how brands can generate commerce in a meaningful and repeatable way by investing in creators while focusing on the “return-on-relationship” rather than “return-on-investment.”

Building a More Unified TV Experience for Advertisers and Audiences

Today’s modern TV ecosystem has largely been built in silos as legacy media companies and newer streaming platforms have amassed content, technology and audiences independent of one another. This has worked in favor of a few platforms.

Nielsen’s State of Play report found that 64% of streaming viewers expressed a desire for an aggregated bundle to make selecting content easier. This panel from Advertising Week New York 2022 explores how standardization around measurement, ad quality and other rules of engagement will help create a streamlined path forward.

Changes, Challenges and Connected TV: What Awaits Brands in 2023

In this episode of Uncommon Thinking, taken from our popular AWAdvance webinar series, we join Tim Edmundson, Director of Content & Research at MNTN, as he puts a magnifying glass on next year’s biggest and potentially unseen challenges. Tim will reveal must-have strategies advertisers need to meet a rapidly changing environment, navigate a fragmented market, and stay one step ahead in a crowded — and competitive — landscape.