What Got Us Here Won’t Get Us to the Future: Moving Towards an Opt-In Internet

The world of digital advertising has been predominantly controlled by a few large tech companies, limiting transparency and competition. However, the internet is a lot bigger than these few destinations.

As the shifting identity landscape moves the advertising industry toward a consent-based, opt-in environment, there is a growing demand for independent, transparent and privacy-centric solutions that allow for unified targeting and measurement.

In this episode of Uncommon Thinking, recorded at Advertising Week APAC 2022, join industry leaders as they discuss what these changes mean and the new approaches to identity that are laying the groundwork for an upgraded, opt-in internet.


  • 00:30 – 14:26 – What is the future of the opt in internet?
  • 14:26 – 23:42 – The future of the data driven marketing industry
  • 23:42 – 25:45 – Contributing to the walled garden ecosystem
  • 25:45 – 30:49 – What do you hope the media industry will have achieved in the next 12 months?
  • 30:49 – 31:55 – What changes are you making to your business to respond to what’s happening in the sector?

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