Rang-Tan, Greenpeace

Greenpeace is known for headline grabbing direct action to help shine a spotlight on environmental issues. In 2018 a different approach was taken, changing tone with a lovable mascot called Rang-tan, an animated baby orangutan, to bring rainforest destruction to life. This talk unpacks how Greenpeace managed to effect attitudes towards palm oil and encourage corporate and consumer behaviour changes.

Ian Livingstone, The Power of Play

Hear an entertaining and visual account of Ian Livingstone’s journey as an entrepreneur in the 1970s while he co-founded Games Workshop and launched Dungeons & Dragons. He will talk about his multi-million selling interactive gamebooks, Fighting Fantasy, and the increasing use of interactive narrative in media today. From analogue to digital, he will give a brief history of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and computer games past, present and future.

End of Season 1

Thank you for listening to the first season of the Uncommon Thinking Podcast, powered by AW360. It’s been our pleasure to bring you the most interesting conversations from the global stages of Advertising Week. We’ll be back again with another exciting line-up of Uncommon Thinking podcasts when Season two debuts in late October of this year. Until then, be sure to check out our other podcasts including Branding Bud, Play By Play, and many more, all available on iTunes and the Google Play store, or visit 360.advertisingweek.com.

Episode 12: June Sarpong and David Shing

It’s a simple fact:  Diversity is good for business, and a vital socioeconomic issue spurring meaningful discussions around the world. Join Oath’s Digital Prophet David Shing, and June Sarpong for a conversation about why investing in diversity is critical to transforming the workplace.

From Advertising Week Europe 2018.

Episode 11: Michael Roth, IPG Chairman and CEO

In this episode from Advertising Week Europe, we are joined by IPG Chairman and CEO and Unstereotype Alliance Vice Chair, Michael Roth, and Cosmopolitan UK Editor-in-Chief Farrah Storr, as they discuss how awards, incentives, media and culture can drive diversity across the media, marketing and communications industry.

Episode 10: Filmmaker Ben Wheatley

In this episode from Advertising Week Europe, DCM’s Head of Film Tom Linay will host a Q&A with leading Film-Maker Ben Wheatley, discussing highlights from his career to date, recent film projects, how to bring compelling stories to the big screen and what’s next. They’ll also discuss the numerous ad campaigns that Ben has directed with representation by Moxie Pictures.

Episode 9: Sir Alan Parker

In this episode from Advertising Week Europe we will listen to a fireside chat with Mike Burgess, Head of MetFilm Creative, and Sir Alan Parker, a prolific movie director whose career started as a copywriter and director of advertising. We will hear about his journey and prolific output over the course of his career. Alan will share advice for young creatives that want to break into advertising and talk about what it takes to be a world-class creator (and pick up 10 Oscars, 10 golden globes and 19 BAFTAs in the process).

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